Monday, January 6, 2014

SSS Card kit #2

This is my second card from the January 2014 SSS Card Kit. I plan on making as many cards as possible with this kit. I have been a subscriber since the beginning and not once have I used up all the products. So lets begin the count for Monday. My next post will be on Wednesday and the last for the week will be on Friday. I will continue until the following week and so on. Hope you come along for the ride. Enjoy!



Little Yellow Birdie said...

This card is so soft and sweet with a dash of fun!

Unifyhandmade said...

Such a cute card! I'm the same way. I've purchase two card kits so far and I haven't used everything in them. I'm not sure if I should buy anymore kits--only because I don't like having left overs pilling up...what am I thinking?! I probably still buy them--they're so fun!