Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Digi Stamps by Mommy Lhey

Along my journey in this wonderful world of cardmaking, I've had the pleasure of meeting fabulous and talented crafty women. One in particular Mommy Lhey introduced me to her new Digital Stamp Line. She's one of the sweetest girl I've met and I've come to believe she's very talented. If you are interested in her products that I've used today I have linked her sites above, stop on by and check out her sites. 

Opps,  I jumped the gun. Images Not available on her site yet. Coming Soon. Be on the lookout!!!
                                    Mommy Lhey

Now, I have never really worked with digi stamps. I was a bit weary and I didn't think I could work out things with the whole saving the image and printing them out. But I was completely wrong, with the help of YouTube and all the wonderful gals that give tips online, I was breezing right by. 

I will be posting a new card every Wednesday for the next Month with a new digi image. So dont forget to stop on by next week.  Hope you get inspired to try out her digi stamps and let me know what you think!