Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello Little Twins

Hello friends. I am back from a well needed and well deserved vacation. So jumping right into my favorite thing to do, (besides spending time with my family of course) card making! 

I had a friend contact me and asked me to make a card for her. She wasn't sure what she wanted so I created a Pinterest board for her and sent it to her.  So convenient, so easy, and full of great ideas. I told her I would pick out cards that I knew I had the supplies for and make as close as to what was in the board.  I want to give thanks for the inspiration to the original pinterest image ( but there was no link or watermark to where I can find the creator of the adorable card. So I will leave the link here and post the image and maybe someone will know where it came from.

***Update, I found the Creator!! The design for this card came from Her name is Joeann Issac and I am a new fan of her work! Many Many Thanks Joeann!***

Hope you enjoyed my post today and feel inspired to create!!

Now, for the tiny envelopes. I wanted to show you how I made them. So quick and simple.

Cut a 2 3/4 by 3 1/2 piece out of your favorite cardstock design. Then place it on your scoring board and follow the dimensions below. 

Then follow the next scoring dimensions by turning it for the edges. Once you're done scoring you want to measure the flaps to cut out on an angle. See the image below.


When you're all done with the cutting and scoring it should look like this, and then its time to round the corners.

I was able to round the corners using the Fiskars Corner Punch. For the smaller corners I am able to see where I want to make the round edge. Once you're all done with the corners all you have to do next is close up the flaps and glue them or use tape runner whichever you prefer and your all done and ready to embellish it!

Hope this helped out and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will be glad to answer them!


Joeann Isaac said...

Gorgeous card Aida! Thank you so much for taking the time to hunt me down I absolutely love your take on my original design. Glad to connect with another crafter. Jo xx

Little Yellow Birdie said...

Love how this came out! Such a cute idea.